Official Parades

The two main parades we do every year are for Battle of Britain and Remembrance Day. Both of these events are compulsory to ensure that we have the largest squad possible to show support for these two important events. For Battle of Britain we usually line the entrance to St. Mary's Church, Fordingbridge. A cadet from the Squadron gets the honor of being the standard bearer and, along with representatives from organizations such as RAFA, will display our standard outside the entrance. There is then a service inside the church which we attend and afterwards we march back to the squadron.

Remembrance Day is a very important occasion with representatives from many different youth groups attending as well as veterans. The Squadron is split into two squads. One pays tribute in Ringwood, the other in Fordingbridge. In Fordingbridge, we march down to the memorial garden from the squadron where we meet the other organizations. Poppy wreaths are laid at the memorial gates and then there is a long procession, usually including a marching band, as everyone marches through Fordingbridge to St. Mary's Church. There is then a service and afterwards we march back to the squadron. The Ringwood parade is carried out in a similar manor and also involves a church service.

As well as Remembrance and Battle of Britain days, we also show support for things like the RAF Iblsey memorial service and local RAFA events. We attend the Christmas service at St. Mary's church and do all we can to support the local community. For more information on how we get involved with the community, see the In the Community Page.